World War 2 - The Übermensch

Men and Women had never truly believed a man could fly till the Second World War.
It was during this struggle that the world’s powers thought they could make men greater than they were and create soldiers that could win battles by themselves.
On Tuesday, 6 June 1944 as the Allies were storming Normandy, The Nazis had finally created success from the Übermensch project. An Eighteen year old soldier named Erhard Udet, he would become known as Übermensch.

On the 11 September 1944 just as U.S. troops were about to enter Germany Übermensch made his first appearance on the battlefield.
To start it was a slaughter, conventional weapons didn’t harm him. His speed and strength allowed him to destroy enemy vehicles with the greatest of ease. Then he flew. While many of the soldiers began to retreat at this point one tank gunner saw it as an opportunity.
While Übermensch was deciding who to attack next the tank got a clean shot. While not killing him it did incapacitate him long enough to be detained.

Erhard Udet was held by the U.K. and U.S. forces who quickly realised he was getting stronger all the time and they could not contain him for long. So they took as many samples from him as they could before handing him to the U.S. air force who on 9 Aug 1945 dropped him on Nagasaki attached to Fat Man

They hoped that would be the end of him.

World War 2 - The Übermensch

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