The Moon Landing - We are not alone

The Soviet Union performed the first moon landing on 13 September 1959 by destructively crashing the Luna 2 spacecraft at high speed onto the lunar surface this was watched by the planets super powers. Viewed as a sign of dominance by the soviets and a urge for the Americans to greatly increase there space programme. Unfortunately they weren’t the only ones watching.
When the Americans duplicated the feat on 26 April 1962 with Ranger 4 those watching sent something to investigate.

Then on 21 July 1969 when the Americans put a human and a superhuman on the moon the Kudzu decided to invade.
A small Kudzu force landed in Alaska on the 4th of August and decimated the surrounding populace.
Both the U.S. and the C.C.C.P. sent superhuman forces to investigate.
This almost started world war 3 when they began fighting each other due to the Americans believing the crash and devastation was due to the Soviets.
The Kudzu attacked the 2 forces which caused both sides to realize the common enemy. The fighting was brutal but in the end the Kudzu were defeated.

2 Soviet soldiers survived along with 1 American. Together they would help peace talks between the 2 powers and start the Global Defence Alliance which would be part of the United Nations.
They set-up a base in northern Alaska at the site of the Kudzu invasion.

Realizing that the Soviet Union and the United states weren’t going to destroy each other, √úbermensch began making attacks against them. He and his followers attacked several meta-human research labs across the world gathering as much knowledge as possible.

The GDA added √úbermensch to there list of planetary threats and began to fight him whenever he showed. While unable to truly defeat him, the combined might of the GDA was enough to repel him time and time again.
This conflict remained unknown to the general public for years.

The Moon Landing - We are not alone

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