Cold War - Super Human arms race

At the end of the second world war the Soviet Union and the United States (along with there UK allies) began massive leaps in superhuman creation.
While both sides had already began research during WW2 neither were anywhere near the Nazis.
The American research program was aided by smugled german scientists and the samples they had gained from Erhard Udet.

While the Soviets had found the lab that √úbermensch had been reborn in, although it had been damaged greatly during the invasion and its 3 lead scientists killed.
Both sides made great leaps although neither ever managed to recreate √úbermensch in terms of sheer power and adaptability.

For years they taunted each other with there successes always threatening to use them on one another along with there stockpiles of nuclear weapon. Now many believed the weapons were to remove there own creations if things ever got out of control.

In the end the Cold War remained just that no superhuman war happened mutually assured destruction keeping the superpowers in check.

Cold War - Super Human arms race

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