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  • Don’t look down

    I just read the report and you deserve the praise you are getting. Most detectives would have passed the situation of as a string of unfortunate suicides. You guys investigated it fully found it was some little nova prick messing with their emotion …

  • Cape Catchers

    *Leader*: [[:jessica-carver | Detective Superintendent Jessica Carver]] *History*: First formed in 1973 as a panic response to the arrival of magic. The Government created a specialist police force that would deal with all meta human activity. In …

  • CC Service

    Cape Catcher Service Pistol No cape catcher should be without.

  • PS Ammo

    Psychic Stun ammo PEN 2 DAM 1 AD 0 Special: once in blood stream, mental abilities massively reduced.

  • Conservative Defence

    Custom suits with minor protection designed more for blending in than absorbing damage Armour: PV 2 – Head (0) – Torso (8) – Arms (5) – Legs (5)

  • Annul

    Bio: John only ever wanted to be a Police officer. One day while on duty he chased a small time drug dealer through Glasgow, only to end up getting in the middle of weapons deal. The weapon being sold was a single dose of [[Magic Bullet]]. As a …

  • Donna Winters

    Donna was an artist struggling to support her self while honing her craft. She undeniably had talent sadly for Donna she wasn't creating the type of art that was selling at the time. Those who didn't know her may have said things looked bleak for her. …

  • Gruff

    Born in Norway, Gruff somehow had made his way to Scotland before magic was lost to the world. When Avalon was hidden so was gruff along with all other magic and mystical creatures. When the magic returned Gruff found himself alone in a terrifying new …

  • Jessica Carver

    A determined, headstrong woman who has led the charge in policing metahumans in Scotland. She has oversaw the expansion of [[The Den]] and helped create a police force that understands how to deal with people who can lift cars above their heads. She …

  • Stickman

    The process of his power affects him mentally. If he goes into a child's picture he has a childlike mentality. Etc. Other than that he's a great spy. Works with MI:13 and cc

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