A mad dog with a leash


Real Name: Simon Franklin

Description: A mad dog with a leash

Known powers: Beyond human peak physical capabilities. Near Indestructible.


Simon Franklin was a normal soldier trying to survive the Vietnam war.
Then the Siegel Project got his unit to take part in an experiment. They were promised that they would become better soldiers and would have a better chance of survival.

Franklin and the rest of his unit went on to commit some of the worst crimes of the war.
Eventually they went too far into enemy territory and were overwhelmed (thanks in part to a soviet meta human helping the VC)

Franklin’s unit was wiped out with him the only survivor. It took him 3 months but he returned to base with a path of devastation behind him.

Siegel declared the project a failure and classified everything about it.
Although they kept Franklin at one of their labs.

He has received years of psychological and chemical conditioning and is now Siegel’s favourite attack dog.


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