Real Name: John Claremont

Description: Enhanced police asset

Known powers: Power Negation


Bio: John only ever wanted to be a Police officer. One day while on duty he chased a small time drug dealer through Glasgow, only to end up getting in the middle of weapons deal.
The weapon being sold was a single dose of Magic Bullet.

As a result of the clash he ended up having to make a quick decision take the dose himself or let it get in the hands of a known violent criminal.
After taking the dose the power broker attempted to kill John using their own enhanced abilities. Upon realising the power no longer worked they ran.

After a lengthy debrief John discovered he could negate metahuman power. This instantly attracted the attention of the GDA who requested his transfer.
Strathclyde Police agreed as a PR move and to avoid a potential criminal investigation into Officer Claremont taking a controlled substance.

Given the codename Annul by the GDA John helped detain dangerous meta humans. He hated the costumed nonsense but accepted his role.
Till the day they tried to use him on √úbermensch. Then he realised the limits of his ability and quit the GDA.

John recently joined DSI Carvers cape catchers. While not an officer any longer he is happy out of the costume and doing police work again.

The codename has however stuck no matter what he does he’s known as Annul from now on.


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