New Faith

Leader: The Apostle

History: A church of devoted seemingly normal humans who are empowered by their mysterious God.
The members of the New Faith claim God speaks to them.
Those that hear his voice have power.
There are also some Faithful without power who await the day they hear God.
Some true believers, some just desperate for power.

Who or what God is remains a mystery, theories include alien experimentation, power enhancing meta, super human virus and the rare possibility of an actual deity.

The church only came into existence in 2011 the first follower now only known as the The Apostle is an exceptionally powerful individual.
A common theory is that the The Apostle is the God of the new Faith and his powers extend to his chosen. No proof has been found to support this.

The new Faiths power structure is as follows. At the very top is the The Apostle directly below him are 4 Cardinals. Below them at least 10 bishops. Then an unconfirmed number of priests. Then chosen and unchosen followers.

No already empowered individual has ever been accepted into the new Faith.
Almost all world religions have condemned the actions of the new Faith. But countries with freedom of religion have conveyed religious status on them.

Official numbers are unknown. Estimated followers exceed half a million worldwide with 10% empowered.

Motivation: Focus of the new Faith, first and foremost conversion. All new Faithful are tested to see if they can be chosen. Most of the church’s teachings have never been made public what is known has been handed to the masses by preachers on a pilgrimage.

Location: There are churches all across the world in nations that allow freedom of religion; its power base is mostly in central Europe.
In other nations there have been many fights between Faithful on pilgrimages and local security forces.
The most notable example of this is when a Cardinal went to Oceania only to be killed by Übermensch.
New Faith are now banned from Oceania.

Known Members:
Cardinal of Faith
Cardinal of War
Cardinal of Science
Cardinal of Power

Tenants of Faith:
God is all knowing but not infallible.
Mistakes made by God are redeemed, those wronged are rewarded in this life and the next.
God can forgive most things.
God’s wrath is beyond comprehension.
Those who wrong God have no place to hide.
All who love God can be chosen.
Those chosen are closer to God and his might.
The Faithful who are unchosen will be tested and given true glory upon success.

The new Faith actually promotes scientific advancement and believes creationism is backwards.
God apparently wants all its children to be as great as possible, in all fields.
The new faith targets specialists in every field for conversion.

New Faith

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