Leader: Dr Elias Clarke

History: Groups of brilliant and deluded teams working on scientific discovery with no ethical restrictions. The individual cells only have 1 thing in common they all work under the abbreviation E.N.D. but most of them have different meaning for it.

Some cells use the resources of end to attempt unethical research without moral restraints with a genuine goal of improving peoples lives. Others build giant robots just to see how devastating they can truly be.

Motivation: Scientific Advancement without ethical restraint. Global Technocracy.

Location: Cells spread globally

Known Members:
Child Catcher
Dr Feelgood

Notable Projects: Project Mimic, Child Catcher, Project Raze & Osmose

Project Mimic

An attempt to recreate types of nova and magical abilities through science.

Most have ended in catastrophe or monstrosity. There are however a few genuine successes of the project. These successes are either used as END’s first line of defence or sold to the highest bidder.


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