Cape Catchers

Leader: Detective Superintendent Jessica Carver

History: First formed in 1973 as a panic response to the arrival of magic. The Government created a specialist police force that would deal with all meta human activity.

In the 80’s with the appearance of Nova’s the need for them grew and the government paid for each regional department to have their own response division.

Now that Strathclyde police has be merged into Police Scotland and that politicians are desperate to save money the Meta Response division is under scrutiny with argument that meta or not criminals are criminals and we don’t need special police just a better police service.

The first bog act to limit the budget was to include the turnkey as part of the Meta Response team making the salaries part of one budget. These figures are given to the public who are now demanding a smaller response team.

Motivation: The Meta Crime Investigations Department oversee all investigations that are linked to Meta-human activity.
They are locally known as cape catchers or spandex smashers. (Some Meta’s refer to them as SS)
An underfunded branch of Strathclyde Police Police Scotland. Investigating crimes with a meta human edge.
They don’t wear costumes, they’re the police and fuck any cape wearing bastard that doesn’t respect it.
Badly funded but have Carte Blanche due to poorly worded human rights laws in the EU technically not covering metahumans.

Location: Housed in the Cage they have authority across Scotland

Known Members:
Dr Jennifer Campbell mortician. Specialist in meta biology.
Sebastian Conners, tech/ai/loom specialist.
Wanda Gibson – tech expert, speciality in following paper trail.
SFO Kayleigh Roberts head of meta armed response, call when serious backup is required.
Donna Winters Magicka asset.
DCI James Weston. Long term investigator.

Cape Catchers

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