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  • NovoN

    *Leader*:[[:nick-knight]] *History*: Originally an insidious boy band that used its powers purely for profit. The group NovoN like many bored celebrities became interested in philanthropy. They stopped releasing music and became a charitable …

  • Danny Jordan

    The heart throb the one all the girls loved and were devastated when he came out. The one who manipulated crowds of people into buying albums with his power in a way that has yet to be legally proven. The one who is so scared of being alone he'll do …

  • Joey Whale

    The tough guy and ladies man of the group. Joey takes full advantage of his celebrity he is also loving being a hero and finally using his power to kick ass.

  • Johnny Wood

    Johnny Wood has genuine vocal talent, his voice is powerful and beautiful. He hates the fact that he has been in a boy band most of his life and is just desperate for NovoN to finally split up so he can tour with a guitar.

  • Jr Carter

    Turned down the [[Global Defence Alliance | Global Defence Alliance]] for a shot at fame and wealth that didn't involve violence. Jr is quite reluctant at NovoN's attempts at heroism but it might be their best chance at making the best of album go …

  • Nick Knight

    Nick Knight is the son of the producer who put NovoN together originally wanting a normal human in the team to help with potential media backlash. As the years went on and the money poured in. Celebrity and wealth wasn't enough for Nick anymore and he …

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