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  • Annul

    Bio: John only ever wanted to be a Police officer. One day while on duty he chased a small time drug dealer through Glasgow, only to end up getting in the middle of weapons deal. The weapon being sold was a single dose of [[Magic Bullet]]. As a …

  • Benevolent Jade Tiger

    The Chinese government has always hidden how many meta humans it has and refuses to discuss meta research with any other nation. Although it has agreed to not use meta humans in armed conflict it is known that all Chinese meta's are part of the military. …

  • Cass

    The only child of [[Jessica Carver | Jessica Carver]] lived a normal life despite her mother line of work. Since she was young she knew she was a Nova and wondered what her abilities could be. Seven days after her 14th birthday her power manifested. …

  • Crisis

    Bio: Currently on the run from [[Cape Catchers | CC]] after a string of robberies, escaped after possessing a member of a cc team and having him stand at the edge of a bridge. Once crisis was out of range the officer regained controlling.

  • Danny Jordan

    The heart throb the one all the girls loved and were devastated when he came out. The one who manipulated crowds of people into buying albums with his power in a way that has yet to be legally proven. The one who is so scared of being alone he'll do …

  • Escutcheon

    Born in Switzerland in the early 80's, Alex grew up watching metahumans fight on television. While many of his friends wanted to emulate there heroes Alex could only watch in horror at the damage left behind from every fight. Once his power awakened he …

  • Gladius

    James Greig attempted to join the Royal marines and showed exceptional aptitude in training. He dismantled training records at ease and learned faster than any recruit previously, as part of his medical it was found that he was a Nova and unable to serve …

  • Joey Whale

    The tough guy and ladies man of the group. Joey takes full advantage of his celebrity he is also loving being a hero and finally using his power to kick ass.

  • Johnny Wood

    Johnny Wood has genuine vocal talent, his voice is powerful and beautiful. He hates the fact that he has been in a boy band most of his life and is just desperate for NovoN to finally split up so he can tour with a guitar.

  • Jr Carter

    Turned down the [[Global Defence Alliance | Global Defence Alliance]] for a shot at fame and wealth that didn't involve violence. Jr is quite reluctant at NovoN's attempts at heroism but it might be their best chance at making the best of album go …

  • Mr Inafune

    Power-suit maker and part owner of Hondyne. Mr Inafune, came to fame in Japan with his powerful battle suits. During a period of prejudice against Nova’s in Japan Inafune revealed he was one and that his power fuels his suits. This move helped Nova’s …

  • Northbridge

    Alexander Northbridge was always gifted. He was an exceptional programmer from a young age and learned languages with ease. His intellect gained him much attention and at the age of 18 began an internship at DARPA. There it was discovered that he was a …

  • Stabber

    Stabber is a dangerous thug. If he wasn't a nova he would have died already as it stands his power keeps him alive travelling Europe and fighting with every set of casuals he can. He simply loves fighting and won't stop without someone making him.

  • The Awe of Terror

    A Nova scanned at birth and was offered a place in the [[Global Defence Alliance | GDA]] she refused and went missing. She has returned with a vengeance recruiting people with mental derangements and giving them temporary powers. Her most ambitious …

  • The Killer in Cerise

    Once a hero that got tired of the lack of respect she was given for her pink costume. Now people fear it. Famously once lifted a targets car to low earth orbit just to let it fall at terminal velocity to kill a second target.

  • The Killer in White

    A power house who was offered a place in the [[Global Defence Alliance]], instead she accepted a contract on her recruiter.

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