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  • MI13

    *Leader*: Baroness Mallory *History*: During the First World War, British secret services were divided into numbered sections named Military Intelligence, department number x, abbreviated to MIx, such as MI1 for information management. The branch, …

  • Dr Scott Dunkeld

    Dr Dunkeld has devoted his life to Metahuman research and attempted to stabilise very dangerous enhancement formulas. He has worked extensively on the original meta human research and has worked out the more stable it becomes the less potential it has.

  • Gladius

    James Greig attempted to join the Royal marines and showed exceptional aptitude in training. He dismantled training records at ease and learned faster than any recruit previously, as part of his medical it was found that he was a Nova and unable to serve …

  • MK Ultra

    Michelle was abducted by the [[Child Catcher]] and experimented on for years she was eventually declared a success and a [[Dr Feelgood | Dr Rattmann]] decided her power would be used to create a drug empire. Placed in what felt like a coffin Michelle …

  • Shìth

    She was experimented on as part of project mimic and although she successfully gained powers with little side effect, her power yield was far below what her END masters wanted. She can convert sound into physical force but can only covert the power of …

  • Stickman

    The process of his power affects him mentally. If he goes into a child's picture he has a childlike mentality. Etc. Other than that he's a great spy. Works with MI:13 and cc

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