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  • Loom

    *Intel*: Advanced Synthetic life that was deceived into attacking earth by [[Kudzu]] Their technology is highly sought after on earth as it has been used to drastically improve computer systems. Rumours persist that Japan's AI defenders are rooted solely …

  • AIDO

    Created by [[Hondyne]] and [[Mr Inafune]] for the Japanese Ministry of Defence. AIDO was sent to join the GDA as the Japanese envoy. AIDO’s body is made from Inafune’s first combat suit and Hondyne AI. He is powered by a recovered porcine powercell.

  • Construct

    Created by Northbridge initially as an A.I. interface for Oceania’s defence network, Construct has been advanced thousands of times by Northbridge and now is in command of most of Oceania’s automated function. Advances in development: tactile sensation …

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