Real Name: Erhard Udet

Description: The first and most powerful.

Known powers: Power sensing, Accelerated healing, Invulnerability, Flight, Uncharted levels of Strength, Speed, Agility, Adaptive & Metahuman intelligence.
(Full range of powers is truly unknown GDA intelligence varies greatly from being a highly
successful adaptive to having every meta power known to man.)


A German Soldier during WW2, at age 18 he was accepted into the Übermensch project and was its only success. He was captured by allied forces after his first battle. Fuelled by fear of his release the US government attempted to kill him by attaching him to the atomic bomb that was detonated over Nagasaki.

For years he wanted only revenge and wanted to destroy those who had been allied against him.
Once it became clear the Americans and Russians were not going to wipe each other out he began a series of attacks against them aimed at limiting their metahuman research while enhancing his own.

In the late 70’s he stopped thinking of the Americans and Russians as the enemy and looked more toward greater threats. This was prompted the Kudzu attack on him with killed many of his early followers.

With the arrival of Nova’s in the 80’s Erhard realised that they would not be accepted by the general population and that popular opinion toward metahumans around the world was turning sour. He decided that there had to be a refuge for metahumans a place where they could all be safe under his protection.

He conquered Australia and New Zealand and openly declared to the world that Oceania was a safe haven for all meta’s regardless of race or creed.
This gained him many new followers dedicated to the new protective Übermensch.

A few of his original Over Men were not happy with the new direction some hated America, some Russia others just wanted to watch the world burn they left Oceania following Fat Man and formed Warheads.

In 1985 for the first time ever Übermensch led to Over men alongside the GDA in the Kudzu invasion of Madagascar. This led to Southern Madagascar becoming part of Oceania.

For the years that followed Übermensch and the GDA had an unofficial truce and aided each other repeatedly on matters of global defence. This came to an end in the late 90’s when world governments began to fear the global Nova emigration to Oceania. Seeing it as theft of natural resources the GDA were made to patrol Oceania’s border creating a new cold war between the Over men and the GDA.

Since then there have been many small battles between the GDA and the Over men. Übermensch himself rarely gets involved afraid of what his presence could do.
He allows his followers to run Oceania doing what’s best for the worlds meta population.

Mostly he plans.


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