The Killer in Black

Walking Death


Real Name: Sir Lucan the Ruinous

Description: An aura of death surround this black cloaked figure. His right arm missing a gauntlet shines where his hand should be.

Known powers: Mage speciality Necromancy


Lucan was once a knight of Avalon. He once epitomised the virtues of a knight, but in a quest for knowledge he learned the art of necromancy.

He attempted to take the throne of Avalon by force in the battle his army caused devastation through Avalon and he personally killed 3 Knights and forced them to serve him in death.
In the end he was defeated his right arm removed during the battle he has disgraced and imprisoned in Avalon.

Then Avalon returned to Britain in the short period of chaos that followed Lucan saw his chance to escape.
His gauntlet returned to him and he escaped Avalon.

He eventually met with an ambitious young mage who gave him a path in this new world.

He became the Killer in Black

The Killer in Black

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