Voice of an angel


Real Name: Jason Gourd

Description: Young Talented and scared out of his mind

Known powers: Vocal manipulation (source unknown not Nova)


Growing up Jason’s life was unremarkable he passed through life unnoticed. Tested at birth he knew he wasn’t a Nova and his life was never going to be special.
Until the day he formed a band.

The first time he sang at his school he transformed from average student to the most popular kid in school, with people seemingly intoxicated with his voice.

After school Jason left home and went to London. There he formed a band playing lots of small clubs never making the big time but loving the life.

Everywhere he goes people love him and will do anything for him. As time has passed Jason has realised its his voice and sings almost everything he says now to get by in life.

A few weeks ago Jason started having horrible nightmares. Originally he used them to write songs but now their getting worse and happening every night.

He’s came back home because he thinks something horrible is happening. Part of him thinks he’s going mad the other thinks he has to do something to stop the disaster.

He’s never been more scared in his life.


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