Real Name: Alexander Northbridge

Description: Oceanias Tech expert

Known powers: Technopathy


Alexander Northbridge was always gifted. He was an exceptional programmer from a young age and learned languages with ease. His intellect gained him much attention and at the age of 18 began an internship at DARPA.
There it was discovered that he was a Nova although he had not yet awakened.

He was reported missing shortly after joining DARPA his family searched but never found any trace of him.
He had been taken by the Siegel Project for the next 2 years of his life he was a lab rat and went through his own personal hell.

As a result of this torture his power did awaken and he escaped the facility he was trapped in.
Siegel hunted him down and after 3 months they had recaptured him.
Before he could be taken to another research facility √úbermensch rescued him.

Since then he has been one of √úbermensch’s closest advisers.

He now helps run Oceania and created Construct to support his work.


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