Mr Inafune


Real Name: Tokuro Inafune

Description: Inventor of power-suits and robots

Known powers: Nova energy projection. uses technology to channel power.


Power-suit maker and part owner of Hondyne.
Mr Inafune, came to fame in Japan with his powerful battle suits.

During a period of prejudice against Nova’s in Japan Inafune revealed he was one and that his power fuels his suits. This move helped Nova’s become socially accepted in Japan.

Inafune is Japan’s premier hero. He has fought alien forces and The Over-Men.
He has paid the price for the safety of his people.
Much of his body has been irreparably damaged by battle forcing him to replace parts with machinery. He is afraid that one day he will be less man than machine. He would however pay the price to save his home.

Inafune has never been in the GDA he has been invited several times and has fought along side them. He helped on the AIDO project to ensure Japan was well represented within.

Inafune leads his own team of national heros in Japan. Conquerors of the Devil King

The suits blueprints have been used to create robots with more conventional power sources.

Mr Inafune

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