He'll trick you or cripple you.


Real Name: Gerard Sarov

Description: Missing his left eye and arm

Known powers: Mage (Specialised in curses and illusions)


Gerard Sarov was born in Leeds, as a child he was identified to have natural magic talent.
Growing up he dreamt of the fame and fortune his power would bring him.
Once he was 16 he left home to seek his fortune only to find others with more talent or better training getting the fame he sought.
Instead of becoming bitter Gerard became a hero under the name Wonder-Worker and became an overnight star after saving children from a burning orphanage.
As Wonder-Worker he developed a reputation for being in the right place at the right time always getting to a disaster just when he was most needed.
Scotland yards Cape Catchers investigated him and inevitably found him to be the source of all the disasters, most famously found to have handed out toy jewelry to the orphans enchanted with protection magic only a few hours before the blaze.
After a short manhunt he was eventually caught and sent to the The Den.
During his transit he escaped.

Since his escape all sighting of him report he has somehow lost his left arm and eye. He also appears to practice curses now more than illusions.

After killing a rival with a curse the British Magicka underworld began to refer to him as Hex.


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