Europe's premier vampire hunter. Shame there's no vampires.


Real Name: Eric Colan

Description: Athletic, Talented and Psychotic

Known powers: None (Rumours of Magicka unproven)


A one time Olympic hopeful Eric was selected for the 2004 games in Athens as a middleweight boxer. Sadly before the event his parents were murdered which led to his mental breakdown.

Eric believes his family were killed by vampires and hunts them down. He trains endlessly turning his body into a weapon to fight them and avenge the loss of his family.

The only thing wrong with Eric’s noble quest is that Vampires aren’t real and he’s a mentally unbalanced killing machine.

Known to have killed 14 people and suspected in the murder of at least 30 more catching Eric is a top priority for local police.

He seems to associate drug addicts most as vampires mostly due to drug addicts killing his parents for money. However he has killed non addicts in the past including a police officer.

Recently he has gained some fame, as he now posts his vampire hunts on line under the pseudonym Glimpse.


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