Welcome to the most criminally underfunded department in Police Scotland.

The politicians seem to think that we don’t need a Meta Human response division.
That Meta’s can be policed like normal people.

Normal people cant reduce a city to rubble during their lunch break.

We are a token division created as a knee jerk reaction to public pressure.
Down side is our bosses don’t want to pay for us or even acknowledge we exist
Up side. They don’t know or care what we do.

You have been transferred to us because I can spot talent and because everyone owes this department.

The equipment we give you will not be up to the task.
Your salary will not take into account the danger you will face on a daily basis.
The people you work with however will be the best in their field.

You have one of the most dangerous jobs in the country. Also one of the most necessary.
If we fail people die that simple.

Welcome to the Meta Crime Investigations Department.

DSI Carver’s statement to all new members of MCID

Behold the Supermen

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